Hi, I'm Ony Anukem.

Join the adventures of the

Twenty5 Podcast with me,

as I talk to global female

role models who reveal

EVERYTHING they wish

that they knew at 25.  

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I am Ony Anukem & I’m the host of Twenty5 Podcast. 


In July 2019, I turned 25. Yup, a quarter of a century. The midpoint of this mad thing called my 20s. In the year running up to my 25th birthday, I spent 50% of my time lamenting on how I would never achieve all the things little Ony, had hoped to achieve by the time I was 25. I mean it seems ludicrous to think that I thought by 25 I would be a millionaire, own a mansion, drive a sports car, have a husband and a one-year-old baby. And well, the truth is I have none of these things. I know I can’t be alone, in thinking that I was misled into believing that by the age of 25, I had to have my whole life figured out. 

They say experience is the best teacher and I say why make mistakes, when I can learn from someone else’s.


In between my daily grind, I've been sitting down with kickass global female role models and asking them to reflect on one simple question: What do you wish you knew at 25? The list of guests for the Twenty5 Podcast has been carefully curated. I will be speaking to 25 women from different walks of life, with different professions and different perspectives. They have all in one way or another inspired me and had an impact on my life and I truly believe that their messages will have an impact on yours too!


Join me bi-weekly as I talk openly to a different woman about all the things she wishes she knew at 25 when it comes to things like health, religion, love, careers, self-development, relationships, personal finance, beauty and everything in between. You don’t have to be 25 to listen to this podcast! These women drop some incredible nuggets of wisdom that you’re going to want to make note of, regardless of your age. If you are over 25, this is also a chance for you to reflect on all the things that you wish you knew at 25 too. And if like me you're 25, then this is my gift to you! 


What are you waiting for come and join the adventures of the #Twenty5Podcast. 



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